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Orthopaedic Division Newsletter

Sept/Oct 2017

​Papers by Janet Delorme

  • Upper Fibres of Serratus Anterior – The Hidden Powerhouse – Part 1 (pp.5)

  • Upper Branch(s) of the Long Thoracic Nerve - The Hidden Powerhouse – Part 2 (pp.15)

  • Case Study: Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy - Case History 2012-2015 (pp.22)

  • Clinical Tidbits 1 (pp.35)

  • Clinical Tidbits 2 (pp.37)

Orthopaedic Division Newsletter

Sept/Oct 2018

​Papers by Janet Delorme

Supplementary Section: 

  • Electrodiagnostic testing and the diagnosis of neuropathy in patients with scapulo-thoracic or proximal shoulder pathology (pp.11)

  • Electrodiagnostic tests -understanding the basics (pp.25)

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